Committees and Elections

The Board of Directors is a volunteer committee of 10 individuals. They meet in person three times a year and virtually at least once a month. Some board members also represent CAPT on other national organizations or committees.

The Board consists of two parts, an executive and regular board members. The executive includes the President, Vice President, Director of Finance and Past President. Other director positions on the board include Administration, Membership, Internal Affairs, External Affairs, Social Media and Public Promotions. Positions on the executive are successive and are chosen from long standing members of the regular board members. The rest of the positions are elected on a bi-annual basis, with half up for election each year. This helps with mentoring and succession planning. Anyone interested in a position on the board of directors must be a member of CAPT in good standing.

CAPT also hosts a volunteer group consisting of members from each of the province and territories. Many of these members represent provincial pharmacy technician associations. Known as the Provincial Working Group (PWG), they meet virtually 3 times a year and in person at the annual conference. CAPT is currently recruiting individuals from Quebec, BC and the territories to join PWG. If you are interested contact

The Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians (CAPT) welcome volunteers to assist with various areas of the organization. Our director of social media is looking for people to write and develop info graphs for pharmacy technicians. The Board of Directors is also looking for an individual with Indigenous heritage to represent CAPT on a committee. CAPT is always interested in educational materials and speakers. If you have ideas for the board or would like to volunteer in any capacity please reach out to