Our members are technicians, assistants and aides from a variety of backgrounds; including, colleges, training facilities, and those trained on the job. Therefore our goal is to facilitate communication and information exchange between all members regardless of their background.

CAPT is also here to provide a vehicle for members to ask questions, to provide information on employment opportunities, and, where available, information on Programs of Study and Continuing Professional Development opportunities across Canada.

In addition, active members allows CAPT to represent the profession on many working groups and round tables across the country; to ensure that your voice is heard anywhere the role of pharmacy is being discussed.

Two doctors questioning a patient
Woman showing how to use Eye drops

As a CAPT Online Member You Can:

  • Update your own contact information
  • Check your membership status
  • Renew your membership
  • Pay online
  • Print your own receipt and members card

Annual Fee

  • Member: $75
  • Student Member*: $45
    * Proof of enrollment in a pharmacy program may be requested by CAPT car