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Membership Benefits

Why join capt & Our Membership benefits
membership benefits

Membership Benefits

Representing Pharmacy Technicians Through Membership Benefits

CAPT is the only national association for pharmacy technicians, aides, and assistants within Canada. CAPT is the association to join as it collectively represents individual members in discussions at national initiatives where the voice of pharmacy technicians needs to be heard. Being involved in a professional organization helps you stay involved with the issues that affect your industry and, ultimately, you!

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membership benefits

A Unified Voice Promoting Pharmacy Techs

Promoting The Role & Study Of Pharmacy Technicians

CAPT is a group of like-minded individuals coming together to form a unified voice to promote the role of pharmacy technicians, assistants, and aides in healthcare delivery. There is strength in numbers, and being a part of a national organization such as CAPT provides a collective influence in situations where required.

The CAPT Board of Directors is elected nationally by our members. There are opportunities from coast to coast for any member to become involved with CAPT. CAPT hosts a provincial working group and will support individuals by providing continuing education events.

CAPT is there to ensure the views of pharmacy technicians, aides, and assistants are heard at various venues. Such as provincial organizations (OCP, CPhM, NSCP), educational groups (CCCEP, PEBC, APFC, CPTEA, CCAPP) and national groups (CPhA & NAPRA).

The evolution of the health care system will become a more patient-focused role for pharmacists requiring technicians to expand upon their traditional duties. Technicians are a vital link in the delivery of health care in Canada, and we wish to ensure all of our members are included.

Grow Your Career & Develop In Professional Training

Development Of The Profession Of Pharmacy
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CAPT believes in you and the development of the pharmaceutical profession. There is strength in numbers. It is important to support your national association and move our profession forward.

As our membership grows, we will be able to provide more opportunities to our members.

A CAPT membership can point you in the direction of career growth by:

  • Giving You The Opportunity To Network With Valuable Contacts & Peers
  • Expanding Your Knowledge Through Continuing Professional Development Events, Seminars & Conferences
  • Developing Professional Skills By Sharing Or Presenting Issues Affecting Technicians Or By Joining Committees
  • Keeping Individuals Updated Through Our Website

Join us today to see how CAPT can benefit you and your career progress.