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CAPT Executives


Lois Battcock R.Ph.T

Director of Administration

Lois is a Registered Pharmacy Technician with the Newfoundland Pharmacy Board.

She is the Program Coordinator and Instructor at Keyin College, St. John's, NL., with over 30 years of experience as a Pharmacy Technician/Assistant. Her hospital pharmacy practice includes the Halifax Infirmary in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Eastern Health in St. John's, Newfoundland. She has also worked with Telus Health Solutions as a Pharmacy Technician, Technical Customer Service Agent for Atlantic Canada, Pharmacy Technician Application Specialist with The Newfoundland Centre for Health Information, and a Pharmacy Technician Specialist Workflow and Systems with Shoppers Drug Mart Central Office.

Her community pharmacy experience includes Kennedy's PharmaChoice, and she currently works part-time at Shoppers Drug Mart and Family Drug Mart in St. John's.

Lois is an active CAPT member and was elected to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians (CAPT) in May 2013 as Director of Administration. She sat on the Sub-Committee for Technician Regulation with the Newfoundland Pharmacy Board. She currently sits on Professional Development Committee and Non-sterile Compounding Standards committee with the Newfoundland Pharmacy Board. She has sat on the Pharmacy Technician Program Advisory Committee for Keyin College, Grand Falls, NL. She has been the chair of several Newfoundland Pharmacy Technician Conferences and is chairing this year's conference that will be held in Clarenville, NL. She is also one of the organizers in forming the Nova Scotia chapter of CAPT.


Mona Sousa R.Ph.T

Director of Membership

Mona Sousa currently works full time at Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy as a National Quality Assurance & Training Specialist. She also worked at a hospital setting with the University Health Network at Toronto Western Hospital. During this time, Mona rotated in various roles in the in-patient department and at Toronto General hospital as part of the Pharmacy Inventory Management team overseeing UHN Pharmacy sites' financial aspects. Mona also worked at community pharmacies where she served the local community she resides in.

Mona joined the Board of Directors of CAPT in 2014. This position allows her to gain more knowledge and expand her experience in her pharmacy career.

Mona obtained her diploma in Pharmacy Technician Program at Humber College and registered with Ontario College of Pharmacist in May 2013. She currently participates in assisting OCP with the development of the Pharmacy Technician self-assessment tool.

Mona demonstrates a positive attitude, enjoys working with the public and understands how to nurture relationships with people.


Robert Solek R.Ph.T


Robert Solek graduated from the pharmacy technician program at the Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology in Hamilton in 2003. Robert was offered employment at St Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton upon graduation and spent four years as an in-patient pharmacy technician. He participated in a pilot project where a pharmacy technician was placed on the ward as liaison to the Acute Mental Health Unit.

In 2007 Mr. Solek accepted a position at the University Health Network (UHN). The position had him employed in the Investigational Drug Services department, where he was a Clinical Trials Pharmacy Technician. Robert also became an IV trainer at UHN and sat on committees focused on IV preparation standards and safety. As part of a nationwide clinical trial to evaluate two different treatments for Fabry's disease. He was also instrumental in the consolidation of study data and the occasional provisioning of medication to dispensing pharmacies.

In 2010, Robert migrated within UHN into the role of pharmacy purchaser, part of the team responsible for keeping supplies inventoried for this very busy hospital. In November 2011, Mr. Solek accepted a position as a pharmacy auditor with Express Scripts Canada and is currently enjoying this role.

Robert was part of the pioneer class to complete all the pharmacy technician regulation requirements in Ontario's province in June 2010 and passed the PEBC exams. In 2009 he was elected to the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians' (CAPT) board of directors and has served in various roles since then.

In 2017, Mr. Solek was also appointed to the board of directors of PEBC and is still currently serving on the board. In 2019 Mr. Solek was the chair of the Public Relations Committee and sat on the finance committee.

Mr. Solek is also a community advocate for pharmacy technicians, speaking in college classes and at national conferences about pharmacy technicians' diverse job opportunities. He is a subject expert and reviewer for pharmacy technician programs going through accreditation with CCCEP. Solek was a volunteer at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, as a member of the Whistler Polyclinic pharmacy team in the Athletes' Village. He is a firm supporter of both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians' changing roles in the Canadian Health Care system.

Robert is a proud supporter of the Montreal Canadiens. He currently resides in the Montreal area with his wonderful wife, Cynthia and their husky, Krypto.


Rahlia Ovais R.Ph.T

Director Of Social Media & Communications

Joining the Continuing Competency Program at the Ontario College of Pharmacists in 2009, Rahila was actively involved in the institution of a self-assessment tool and learning portfolio for Pharmacy Technicians. As one of the first technicians to be hired by the Ontario College of Pharmacists, her innovative contributions helped build the new quality assurance program's foundation. Rahila earned the designation of 'Regulated Pharmacy Technician' in April of 2013 while working within pharmacy regulation at OCP, complimenting almost ten years of the previous service in community/ retail pharmacy and corporate governance. Her tenure at the Ontario College of Pharmacists provided rich mentoring opportunities, working side-by-side with some of Ontario's foremost executive leaders and committees in the profession.

Being one of the first RPhT professionals in Ontario, Rahila continues to share her strong commitment to Regulated Pharmacy Technicians' evolving role. Rahila has previously presented on behalf of the profession at numerous CAPT PDC conferences and currently volunteers as Director of Social Media & Communications at CAPT.

A Pharmacy technician smiling wearing scrubs.

Sheena Deane R.Ph.T

Director of Finance/Vice President

Sheena Deane graduated from St. Clair College Pharmacy Assistant Program in 1986. As a pharmacy assistant, she worked in various retail pharmacies, expanding her knowledge and skills. Sheena spent 12 years working in an extremely busy pharmacy with a large blister pack and methadone program. She also worked in the third party insurance industry and a hospital pharmacy. Sheena successfully completed all requirements to become one of the first registered pharmacy technicians with OCP in December of 2010. In January 2013, the opportunity to return to ESC came to pass, and she joined the Business Integrity department as an On-Site Auditor for pharmacy. Last year, she moved from the Toronto area to a 100-acre farm 15 minutes from Sauble Beach. She is now employed by Kristen's Pharmacy in Southampton and practicing to the full scope and loving it!

In 2001, Ms. Deane was elected to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians (CAPT). At first, she was Director of Administration and is currently the Director of Finance. Many positive changes within CAPT have occurred during her time on the board. In the past year on the Board of Directors, she has driven the acquisition of a marketing firm to develop a new CAPT website and social media network. Sheena was instrumental in securing the partnership with the Blueprint Steering Committee to assist with funding for a meeting of key pharmacy technicians from all provinces. The meeting's goal is to unite pharmacy technicians from the various provinces and create a Provincial Pharmacy Technician Working Group for the advancement of the profession. She is currently the Vice President of the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP). She has held positions on many committees and represented CAPT at different events over the years. Sheena's continued passion for her career allows for the promotion of CAPT in all situations.

A Pharmacy technician smiling wearing scrubs.

Samantha Jenkins R.Ph.T

Director of Internal Affairs

Samantha from St Catharine’s Ontario graduated from Niagara College in 2010 as a pharmacy technician. She successfully completed the requirements to become regulated with the Ontario College of Pharmacists shortly after.

Samantha started her career in pharmacy 12 years ago in an independently owned retail pharmacy. Then moving to Toronto, she worked at Medisystems pharmacy as a third-party reimbursement specialist for nursing and retirement homes.

After moving into the hospital sector, working at Odette Cancer Centre pharmacy in Sunnybrook Hospital, she specialized in Oncology and provided patient care for the last seven years. More recently, she moved back home to Niagara and currently working at NHS in-patient pharmacy and Niagara College.

Samantha is self-motivated, hardworking and a team player. She is passionate about sharing and exchanging ideas and bringing new perspectives on where the pharmacy profession could go in the future with leading-edge practices.

A Pharmacy technician smiling wearing scrubs.

Zenobia Roussel R.Ph.T

Director Of External Affairs

Zenobia Roussel is a registered pharmacy technician currently working at Shoppers Drug Mart. In her current role, Zenobia works within the scope of practice by taking verbal orders, checking prescriptions, and checking blister packs. Zenobia previously worked for Express Scripts Canada as a Quality Assurance Analyst and was also the past chair for the Mohawk College Advisory Committee. Zenobia has also worked previously in the hospital.

She continues to be involved with Mohawk College and other pharmacy technician initiatives.

A Pharmacy technician smiling wearing scrubs.

Colleen Norris R.Ph.T

Past President

Colleen Norris received her CPhT in 1996 and has been working in retail pharmacy for over 25 years. For 20 of those years, Colleen worked as Dispensary Operations Manager at an independent compounding pharmacy where she was also trained as a non-sterile and sterile compounding technician.

Colleen won a Commitment to Patient Care Award for Best Pharmacist\Technician in 1994 and Technician of the Year for Pharmasave Drugs in 1996. During her time spent in community pharmacy practice, Colleen held a teaching assistant position with the University of Toronto International Pharmacy Graduate program.

Most recently, Colleen has held a position as a Consultant Technician with a Long Term Pharmacy and is currently the only Pharmacy Technician at PointClickCare as a Project Manager for Pharmacy managing Pharmacy integrations with electronic health care records in Long Term Care facilities.

Colleen started with CAPT as Vice President and then President of the Ottawa Chapter and moved elected to the Board in June of 2007. Colleen has held the position of Internal Affairs and is currently in the position of Director of Membership. In her current role on the Board, Colleen has initiated the CAPT website development, initiated the online payment process, and worked on the new membership database. Colleen has worked on the Moving Forward project with the Canadian Pharmacists Association and is active with the Blueprint for Pharmacy working groups and taskforce.

A Pharmacy technician smiling wearing scrubs.

Linda Power R.Ph.T

Director of Public Relations & Promotions
I am a community volunteer. I am an avid hiker and exercise enthusiast. I currently live on Bell Island which is in NL with my husband Ron.

I have been working in community for 16+ years, trained in both community pharmacy as well as long term care. I work to my full scope of practice each day as well as take on the role of Manager of Accounts and Inventory Control in the pharmacy.

I continue to educate myself in my field and enjoy reading and learning all that I can to expand my role and assist my customers with whatever is required. I am a positive person who approaches every situation with enthusiasm. I am a very focused individual who enjoys the feeling of fulfillment that a productive day has to offer. I am eager to talk about and promote our industry as well as help others who are on the road to becoming Registered Pharmacy Technicians. I am excited about my new scope of practice and all it offers. I like to share my views with technicians and assistants across the country and help grow our membership.

I currently sit on Quality and Assurance committee with Newfoundland Pharmacy Board and I sat on the organizing committee for the 2018 Newfoundland and Labrador CAPT conference. I work part time as Deputy Sheriff for the Department of Justice, delivering documents for the Department as well as law firms, nationwide.

I am a community volunteer. I am an avid hiker and exercise enthusiast. I currently live on Bell Island which is in NL with my husband Ron.