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Pharmacy Technician Day 2020

Pharmacy Technician Day was first endorsed by Pharmacy Technician Educators Association, American Association of Pharmacy Technicians, Inc. – AAPT and Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) in 2015. The third Tuesday of each year is now also proclaimed by CAPT as National Pharmacy Technician Day.

This year more than ever, Pharmacy Technicians among all other healthcare professionals deserve all the recognition for being in the frontlines in a pandemic. They continued to work for the and safety and well-being of their patients delivering quality healthcare services often adapting to the numerous changes during a crisis. On October 20th don’t forget to thank a Technician.

Here are a few ways you can take part in the celebrations:

1. Get social – use #RxTechDay on all your social media posts

2. download/ share our graphics and posters on social media or print them to post in your pharmacy

3. Educate the public on the role a pharmacy technician plays within the healthcare team and how a pharmacy technician’s role differs from pharmacy assistants and pharmacists

4. Join and support pharmacy technician associations as they continue to strongly advocate for technicians and the profession.




Difference between a pharmacist and pharmacy technician (CAPT)



Info-graphic of Pharmacy Technicians Work



Comparative between Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician