About Us


CAPT is the national organization that advocates and promotes the profession of pharmacy technicians and assistants.

  1. Promote and educate the public and other healthcare professionals on the scope of practice of a pharmacy technician.
  2. Advocate for the pharmacy profession.


To be the leading voice in enhancing the profession and empowering pharmacy technicians with the Canadian health care landscape by

  1. providing professional development and networking opportunities.
  2. enhancing professionalism through education and collaboration.


CAPT is a member-run organization with a board of directors consisting of eight members all of whom are Registered Pharmacy Technicians dedicating in-kind time to support, advocate and educate pharmacy technicians and support staff in the field.


  • CAPT was initially formed by a group of 4 pharmacy assistant students attending Humber College with the help of their teacher.
  • In 1983, they applied to Corporations Canada and became a non-profit organization. Originally the organization included Chapters in some provinces.
  • In 2004, new by-laws were passed by the membership for the first time since the inception of CAPT.
  • The Chapters were dissolved in the mid 2000’s when the focus of CAPT changed to more National pharmacy assistant/technician issues.
  • CAPT started having a National annual conference in 2003. The National Annual Conference rotates from western, eastern and central Canada.
  • There are 7 board of directors, and all are volunteers. All membership fees are used to promote the profession.
  • The members of the board represent pharmacy assistants and technicians in many pharmacy related organizations such as PEBC, CCCEP, Blueprint for Pharmacy, CCAPP, NAPRA and many provincial working groups.
  • All aspects of CAPT are managed by the 7 volunteers including the overseeing the website and social media sites, publications, and day to day management of the group.
  • The most important milestone in which CAPT was involved was the regulation of pharmacy technicians. The first regulated technicians were in Ontario in 2010.
  • New by-laws were passed in 2014 to align with the governments changes to the new Canada Corporations Not for Profit Act.
  • In 2015, CAPT hosted a meeting of a pharmacy technician or assistant representative from all ten provinces. It was the first meeting of this kind.
Doctor talking to a nurse
Doctor talking to a patient



Engaging the members through communication strategies is important for achieving our mission, CAPT is always seeking new ways to work better with our members and other stakeholders  


CAPT assumes all responsibility for the decision and actions made by the board, and will always incorporate the best interest of its members and profession  


Integrating with our members and stakeholders with the utmost respect and integrity of the professionals and one’s self


CAPT will operate openly and with clarity with its members and stakeholders