What Is A Pharmacy Technician?
Pharmacy technicians are medical professionals who work alongside pharmacists to help and support patients by utilizing their technical expertise in many aspects of pharmaceutical care.

What Does A Pharmacy Technician Do?
A pharmacy technician is responsible for the technical aspect of dispensing, and the overall efficiency and safety of pharmacy operations including:

  • Complete the technical check of prescriptions
  • Preparing medicines for prescriptions including compounding
  • Ensure accuracy in billing and reporting aspects of prescription preparation
  • Collaborate with other Healthcare Professionals, the pharmacy team and patients.

You can read more about pharmacy technician's scope of work on our page here.

What Is The Difference Between A Pharmacy Technician & A Pharmacist?
While pharmacists and pharmacy technicians both work in various pharmacy environments, their tasks are different.

Pharmacists have an in-depth knowledge of medications, and are responsible for the clinical aspects of prescriptions including interaction review, counseling and where legislation permits prescribing. Pharmacists are university educated and have a pharmacy degree. Pharmacists are licenced as healthcare professionals and carry liability insurance.

Pharmacy technicians are masters of the technical aspects of which is required in the preparation of medication, filling of prescriptions and billing insurance plans for patients. Pharmacy technicians complete a two-year college degree. Pharmacy Technicians are licenced as healthcare professionals and carry liability insurance.

What's The Difference Between A Pharmacy Technician & A Pharmacy Assistant?
A pharmacy technician is a medical professional and works within a defined scope of practice, is required to have malpractice insurance and is held accountable for tasks performed. A pharmacy assistant is responsible for the administrative aspects of the pharmacy such as counting, answering the phone, receiving orders and waiting on customers. 

Can A Pharmacy Technician Prescribe Drugs?
No, a pharmacy technician cannot write prescriptions.

How Do I Become A Pharmacy Technician?
Becoming a pharmacy technician can differ depending on which province you want to practice within. The Becoming a RPhT in Canada tab lists resource from each province including where pharmacy technician programs are offered and the next steps after receiving your diploma.