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As Pharmacy Technician licensing moves across the country our partnership with McCaslin Horne Insurance Brokers and Wynward Insurance Group delivers a portable comprehensive liability program meeting the requirements of all provincial regulatory authorities.

If you are a current CAPT member simply complete the application for malpractice insurance and submit directly to McCaslin Horne Insurance Brokers. If you are not a current CAPT member send both a completed membership application and an application for malpractice insurance. Both applications can be sent via e-mail (, fax (416-410-1142) or mail directly to CAPT and paid by Visa, MasterCard or Cheque. Insurance policies will be mailed directly from McCaslin Horne Insurance Brokers."

Please note: In Ontario 8% tax (total: $81.00) is applied to the price of the policy. All policies are automatically renewed on annual basis.

Membership Application
Malpractice Application
DETAILED INFORMATION FOR Professional Liability Insurance


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