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CAPT is the Voice of Canadian Pharmacy Technicians in this Historic Initiative.

Blueprint for Pharmacy - Designing the Future Together

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The Task Force on a Blueprint for Pharmacy was established by the Canadian Pharmacists Association, in collaboration with a large number of other pharmacy organisations, including the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians (CAPT Vice President, Mary Bozoian is your voice at the Task Force), in December 2006 to define a vision for pharmacy and to develop a strategic action plan for the future of the profession.

The Task Force has finalised the document...
Roll OverButton Blueprint for Pharmacy: The Vision for Pharmacy
which was launched at the CPhA Annual National Conference in Victoria on June 1, 2008.

It puts forth a new Vision for Pharmacy: Optimal drug therapy outcomes for Canadians through patient-centred care.

This Blueprint Vision document reviews medication use challenges and the current and future role of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the health care system.

It also outlines the key elements and proposed strategic actions in five key areas required to achieve the Vision and meet the future health care needs of Canadians:

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pharmacy human resources
Blue Arrow education and continuing professional development
Blue Arrow information and communication technology
Blue Arrow financial viability and sustainability
Blue Arrow legislation, regulation and liability

In February 2008, the Task Force established five expert working groups to further develop the implementation plan to realize the Vision for Pharmacy. CAPT Directors, Colleen Norris and Tim Fleming are Working Group members speaking on your behalf).

The engagement of individual pharmacy technicians and pharmacists is critical to the success of the Blueprint. Take part in designing the future of your profession by reading the Vision for Pharmacy and signing the:
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